On this compilation episode, we discuss bringing characters back from the dead, cliffhangers in movies, unlikeable yet loveable characters, and weird casting choices.

On this episode of The Hollywood Outsider podcast, we’re talking about several topics, the first of which is bringing characters back from the dead. And we mean actually, truly, verified dead characters on a TV series or a movie that later comes back from the dead. Is this cliche? Is it a copout? Does this concept EVER work without lowering the stakes in whatever the property is? 

Then after a short discussion on cliffhangers in movies, we move on to ROYYYYY KEEENNNNNNNT! The world has become enamored with Ted Lasso’s Roy Kent as have we, and this has inspired us to discuss unlikeable yet loveable TV characters. Perhaps it’s only in your eyes or maybe the writing or performance evolved into a character with a deeper understanding. Either way, our topic this week revolves around these fascinating characters on television who ultimately turned your frown upside down.

Then we move on to some of the weird casting choices to come out of Hollywood – the good and the bad – like a 30 year old playing teenager Evan Hansen, Tom Cruise playing the 6′ 5″ Jack Reacher, Gary Oldman playing a dwarf in Tiptoes, or Miles Teller playing pretty much anyone. Weird is a relative term, and we debate these odd choices, for better and worse.

Discussed on this episode

  • (0:00 – 36:53) Bringing Characters Back from the Dead
  • (36:54 – 49:48) Cliffhangers in Movies
  • (49:49 – 1:20:26) Unlikeable Yet Loveable Characters
  • (1:20:27 - 1:55:45) Weird Casting Choices
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