On this episode of The Hollywood Outsider podcast, we're taking a journey through the multiverse. Specifically, the concept of multiverses as a storytelling device. While many might think this starts and ends with Marvel's recent slate of films including Spider-Man: No Way Home, in fact, multiverses have been around for decades in various forms. As this backdrop of storytelling explodes in popularity, we take a look at it and discuss if it has a long-term future in modern filmmaking. 

Also on this week's episode, we discuss Bruce Willis' recent decision to retire from acting to focus on his personal health. We discuss his iconic career, his evolution from TV star to movie star, and what his roles have meant to us. We follow this discussion with an interview from director Matt Eskandari who has worked with Willis recently. As well as reviews of Everything Everywhere All at Once and Morbius, and the latest on the slap heard round the world between Will Smith and Chris Rock. 

  • Discussed on this episode

    • (0:00 – 12:04) Opening | Sherlock Holmes 3 | The Crow Remake 
    • (12:05 – 49:00) Bruce Willis Retires | Director Matt Eskandari on Bruce Willis
    • (49:01 – 1:07:44) Reviews: Morbius, Everything Everywhere All at Once | Recommendations
    • (1:07:45 - 1:31:59) From the Outside In: A Journey Through the Multiverse
    • (1:32:00 – 1:50:07) Closing | Will Smith and Chris Rock Redux
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