Happy, Happy Halloween, Halloween, Halloween...

Welcome tooooooooo The Hollywood Outsider Halloween special! On this episode, we've assembled some of our favorite discussions on horror films and anything related to Halloween! First we discuss when movies have forced us to face our personal fears, then dive into a bit of history on 1978's Halloween with a segment from our interview with the original Michael Myers, Tony Moran. What a perfect segue to our spoiler-free review of October's favorite boogeyman in Halloween Kills!

Next up, a throwback to our roots with a segment from many years ago called the Horror Movie Survival Guide, where we discuss all of the Dos and Don'ts in horror movies . To cap everything off, we have a little fun by sharing our thoughts on psychological horror vs. gore: what scares us, as well as what is a complete turnoff in the genre.

Enjoy our 2021 Edition of The Hollywood Outsider: A Happy, Happy Halloween!

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