Set in West Virginia, Back Fork takes a brutal look at the opioid crisis affecting millions of people every day. Josh Stewart stars as Waylon and A.J. Cook portrays Nida, a married couple dealing with an overwhelming family tragedy. When coping proves impossible, pills find their way into Waylon's life to dull the pain. When he finds himself in a place he never thought possible, Waylon is forced to face his inner demons or surrender to his addiction forever.

You’ve seen Josh Stewart in films like The Collector, The Dark Knight Rises, and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, as well as numerous TV projects like Criminal Minds, Dirt, and most recently Shooter and as that viciously likable foe John Pilgrim in the final season of The Punisher.

Stewart is also a writer and director, and his first project, The Hunted, revolved around a pair of hunters trapped in the West Virginia mountains with an unseen force. With his latest film, Back Fork, he returns to West Virginia and takes on a much more serious horror: opioid addiction.

On this exclusive interview, we sit down with writer-director-star Josh Stewart as he discusses a myriad of topics including his career, why the story of Back Fork was an important one to share, and why he loves shooting in West Virginia. This is an enlightening interview with a rising talent you won't want to miss!


Back Fork is now available on VOD everywhere. Listen or read the full interview

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