As our team takes a week off, we did not want to leave fans without an episode to peruse as you go about your day. Therefore, after a review of the recent Kenneth Branagh adaptation of Murder on the Orient Express, enjoy this sampling of topics from our Patreon exclusive offerings. If you want to support the show and partake in bonuses like this, head over to and join in!

We discuss respectful celebrity homages, bad movie dates, several recommendations of smaller titles, and television shows we have tried repeatedly yet just cannot seem to understand the love.

Also on this Hollywood Outsider sampler platter, you can hear an exclusive edition of our Bad Movie Night podcast! Each month we dissect and decipher a seemingly awful film, and try to understand why some just might love it. As we close out this episode, you can finally learn the details of the infamous "Jamie Lannister Incident".

Discussed on this episode of The Hollywood Outsider Movie and TV Podcast:

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