What do you consider the most beautiful moment in film?

On this episode, we are discussing the most beautiful moments in film. Think about moments in movies that have really moved you, impacted you, or affected you in a positive way. Not necessarily beautiful cinematography, but more about the context of the scene or the dialogue which spoke to you in a beautiful way.

Also on this episode: Classic Corner returns with a look at the John Wayne film Rio Bravo to determine if it truly is a "Classic", our news roundup including theater owners launching Cinema Week, Mads Mikkelson and Phoebe Waller Bridge have joined Indy 5, and studios and networks experimenting with implementing product placement in classic films, plus a spoiler-free review of Wildcat, our weekly streaming recommendation, and much more.

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Discussed on this episode

  • (0:00 – 19:01) Opening | News Roundup
  • (19:02 – 25:20) Reviews: Wildcat
  • (25:21 – 59:45) From The Outside In: Beautiful Moments in Film
  • (59:46 – 1:06:04) Upcoming Releases | Recommendations
  • (1:06:05 – 1:25:51) Classic Corner: Rio Bravo
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