Do You Love Classic Movie Monsters?

On this episode, we're discussing those movie monster classics such as Mummy (1932), Frankenstein, Wolf Man, Dracula, Invisible Man, Creature of the Black Lagoon, etc. These classic horror movies are the beginning drivers for what we know horror movies and horror characters to be today and their visionary masters still reside in the horror hall of fame. We decided - with the upcoming release of The Invisible Man - we need to discuss these classic monsters: how they scared us, our favorites, why we love them despite being less of a razzle-dazzle than horror movies now, and what we would bring back if we could.

Also this week: spoiler-free reviews of The Call of the Wild, Blood on Her Name, Just One More Kiss, and Hunters, a delightful surprise in the form of an Eric Roberts interview, upcoming releases, The HO Teachable Minute, and much more.

Discussed on this episode

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