We review ‘Hunger Games’ this week as well as look at upcoming releases ‘American Reunion’ and ‘Titanic 3D’. As always, we discuss the newest Film and TV news (who was cast in the new Carrie remake; what classic literature characters are next to be ‘reimagined’; who have the Wachowskis found for their leads in Jupiter Ascending; Glee stunt casting; and more). Brian is determined to ‘Stump the HO’, we offer up a new ‘What’s THIS Movie?’ clip before we dive onto The Couch and a look at what’s going on in the world of TV and home video. Justin sells us this week’s ‘Flashback DVD’. We wrap up the show with our ‘From the Outside In’ topic where this week we look at the next 3 months and give you our most anticipated films. As always, be sure to stick around through the credits for our own version of outtakes. Please subscribe on itunes, Google Reader, Zune, Stitcher Radio (give us a [...]

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