Flavio Alves, the director and co-writer of the new film The Garden Left Behind, discusses his career, his film revolving around the trans experience, and much more on our latest exclusive interview. The Garden Left Behind is available in virtual theatrical locations now, and on VOD September 8th.

Carlie Guevara stars as Tina, an undocumented trans woman living with her grandmother, Eliana  in Queens. Eliana has brought Tina to America from Mexico, and though she both sternly and affectionately still refers to her grandchild by her birth name of Antonio, Tina’s relationship with her grandmother is one of unwavering love and devotion.

Tina is in the process of several major life decisions. She’s trying to juggle her shaky relationship with Jason, her job driving New York passengers to their next stop, and her burgeoning career as an activist following an assault on another trans woman; Tina is also confronting the very real possibility of gender reassignment. To fully become the person she knows she should be will take an enormous amount of support, which she has in her best friend Carol (Tamara M. Williams), as well as a hefty amount of cash, which she has far less of. The film revolves around Tina’s journey, and it’s equal parts sad and beautiful. The Garden Left Behind gives you an insight into the trans experience like few films have done.

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