FATMAN, newly available on demand, is a modern, gritty, almost realistic take on the Santa Claus legend, starring Mel Gibson and Marianne Jean-Babtiste as Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus.

While Santa - aka Fatman - deals with shrinking sales due to a noticeable lack of NICE in the world, little Billy (Chance Hurstfield) is obsessed with getting everything he wants. When Santa gives Billy a lump of coal because he’s been extremely naughty this year, Billy decides to hire Walton Goggins’ contract killer Skinny Man to hunt down the Fatman and take him out, once and for all.

It's darkly comedic, twistedly violent, extremely clever holiday thriller that features strong performances across the board.  Enjoy this interview with the writers and directors of Fatman, Ian and Eshom Nelms!

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