The Last Man Club – now available on VOD – follows four military veterans on one last hurrah as they reach the twilight years of their lives. “Eagle” is a man destined for a retirement facility when he receives a letter asking for help from one of his old WWII crew. Setting off to gather his old comrades, Eagle picks up a mysterious young woman in Romy (Kate French), one with a checkered past. Together, they forge a bond and embark on a road trip of memories where they each learn much about life, duty, and even honor.

Bo Brinkman has been working in Hollywood for decades. Launching his career as an actor in such films as Gettysburg, Bo has transitioned his artistry behind the camera, preferring to work on personal projects. The Last Man Club has been a film that Bo has been attempting to make in one way or another for decades, and finally his dream has arrived. For our exclusive interview, Bo discusses his time on Gettysburg, the journey the film has taken to get to this point, as well as why this film is such a personal tale for him to tell.

Take a listen to a wonderful conversation with the writer and director of The Last Man Club, Bo Brinkman. The film is available now on your favorite VOD outlets.

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