Be Afraid follows John and Heather Chambers (Brian Krause, Jaimi Paige), shortly after relocating to a small town in Pennsylvania. After he initially seems to experience sleep paralysis, John begins to discover that his home is being targeted by ominous beings lurking in the shadows, seemingly led by a nefarious figure known only as The Hat Man. Fearing for his family's safety, John dives into a complex history of mysterious local disappearances which may lead to a secret this town never wants revealed.

Drew Gabreski's latest film, Be Afraid, carries with it an intriguing concept revolving around the deep history and lore of "shadow people". This phenomenon - which revolves around those unique moments when we catch a flicker of movement in the corner of our eye only to discover nothing is present - continues to grow around the world. Skeptics believe these "shadows" are mere flights of an overactive imagination, while more open-minded intellectuals theorize they could be anything from ghosts to interdimensional beings to even time travelers.

Whatever they are, as he discusses in our exclusive interview, Drew was directly affected by visions of a so-called "Hat Man" as a child. These memories prompted him to work with screenwriter Gerald Nott on a shared vision of how a story in this world could be brought to life on film. Drew elaborates on those experiences, as well as the journey the film took from the initial stages at After Dark to its current release on VOD.

An intriguing interview with a new talent on-the-rise, take a listen to our interview with director, Drew Gabreski.

Be Afraid releases digitally and On Demand June 1, 2017.

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