The Babadook stars Essie Davis as Amelia, a lonely mother forced to confront her increasingly troubled son Samuel, who claims he is being tormented by a monster sprung to life through his pop-up book. As they realize that escape is not an option, Amelia and Sam are forced to confront the horror known only as...The Babadook.

Jennifer Kent is the writer and director of the new film, The Babadook. In our exclusive interivew with Jennifer, she discusses the film, where the idea even came from, sound editing in a film like this, and what it's like to create a horror film. An insightful interview with a director to watch, here is our interview with The Babadook's Jennifer Kent!

The Babadook releases to theaters and Video OnDemand November 28th. You can find more information on The Babadook as well as order your copy of the book itself at

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