What Are Your Favorite Opening Sequences?

On this week's episode of The Hollywood Outsider podcast, we wanted to talk about those incredible movie intros. Whether it's an action-filled car chase, a terrifying phone call from someone in your house, or a bank robbery with triple-crossing and a mysteriously ominous character whose identity remains unknown, we're talking about it all. Of course, we also have to talk about those films with a stellar opening sequence that ultimately led to disappointment.

Also on this week's episode: debating movie theater reopening requirements, You Can Do It!,  spoiler-free reviews of Becky, Shirley, and Darkness Falls, and The HO Teachable Minute.

Discussed on this episode

  • (0:00 – 32:07) When Should Movie Theaters Reopen | You Can Do It!
  • (32:08 – 48:22) Reviews: Becky, Shirley, and Darkness Falls | Upcoming Releases
  • (48.23 – 1:29:21) From The Outside In: Memorable Cinematic Opening Sequences
  • (1:29:22 – 1:42:44) Recommendations | HO Teachable Minute | Outtakes
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