Which Summer Franchise of the 2000's is the Best of the Best?

Movie Battle Royale is back, but this time: Summer Franchise Edition. We wanted to talk about those franchises released in the 2000's that kept us going back to the theater for the next. The rules are limited: the franchise must have had at least 3 films release in the summer (May-August), they must have occurred within the 2000's, and the MCU films must be broken down (Captain America, Iron Man, Avengers, etc.). Will Mr. Potter survive the ApesCan Spider-Man swing faster than Fast and the Furious can vroom-vroom? Will Tom Cruise's Mission Impossible be able to take on the Avengers?

Also on this week's episode: debating how to handle controversial films, reviews of Da Five Bloods, Artemis Fowl, The Family Tree, and The HO Teachable Minute.

Discussed on this episode

  • (0:00 – 31:06) Movie & TV Discussion: Controversial Themes
  • (31:07 – 47:28) Reviews: Artemis Fowl, and Da 5 Bloods | Upcoming Releases
  • (47:29 – 1:37:39) From The Outside In: Movie Battle Royale - Summer Franchise Edition
  • (1:37:40 – 1:42:25) Recommendations | HO Teachable Minute | Closing
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