Remakes are everywhere, and generally they are done horribly wrong or blandly. We even started a podcast specifically to address that in Remake This Movie RIGHT, where we remade our favorites in the mold of a film fans would like. Unfortunately, Hollywood doesn’t think that way. They want by-the-numbers retreads and name recognition. Everything is a brand now, if it’s identifiable, it could sell. If not as a movie, as a TV show. And nothing is sacred.

Well this week, we are going to discuss some of our choices for what should get a remake. Not necessarily based on name, but on concepts or possibilities. If you could remake a film that maybe didn’t come together as strong as it could have been, or perhaps was a bit ahead of its time, what movie would you choose?

After our normal episode, we discuss our reactions to Marvel’s latest superhero launch, as Benedict Cumberbatch dons the cloak of Doctor Strange. Magic has finally landed in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and this is our take on every aspect of our expanded galaxy.

Join in on our conversation and listen to the latest episode of The Hollywood Outsider.

Discussed on this episode of The Hollywood Outsider Movie and TV Podcast:

  • (0:00 – 22:23) Movie and TV News: Tarantino retires, a remake for American Werewolf in London becomes a family legacy, Big Bang Theory gets a prequel, and much more
  • (22:24 – 1:03:11) From The Outside In Topic: What Movies Deserve A Remake  | Listener topic comments
  • (1:03:12 – 1:32:53) What’s This Movie? | Spoiler-Free Reviews of Hacksaw Ridge and Anatomy of Monsters  | New Releases: The Arrival, Almost Christmas and Shut In | Recommendations and Emails
  • (1:32:54 – 2:16:44) Marvel’s Doctor Strange Reactions Discussion
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