In TENET, The Protagonist (John David Washington) is an agent who takes a cyanide capsule – which turns out to be a ruse – after an operation goes south, rather than turn on his government, which wins him favor with a secret organization in need of such fierce loyalty.

This is where The Protagonist learns about inversion; the ability to essentially rewind time and possibly save the world from destroying itself in the past, or from the future to the past, or is the past the future? The concept is fascinating and hilariously convoluted – brace yourself for exposition as clear as a Yoda TED Talk – yet ultimately clicks as we wade into the final act. Inversion is time travel for people who love to pine on about the complications and philosophies of the topic. Like Christopher Nolan, we imagine.

Now that Tenet is on home video, enjoy our review and spoilercast for Nolan's latest film.

Also, Aaron reviews the new On Demand thriller, Hunter Hunter, about a family living remotely who come to fear they are being targeted by a lone wolf in the wild. 

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