On this episode of The Hollywood Outsider podcast, we revisit 2019 as we present the 2020 Awards for the best we witnessed in film and television over the past year. From the continued explosion of quality content on TV and streaming services, to the implosion of mediocrity scattered about, to an overload of greatness both at home and in theaters – THESE are the only podcast awards you need to listen to!

Discussed on this episode

2020 Categories:


• Best Special Effects and/or Stunts

• Favorite Supporting Character

• The Biggest Badass

• Favorite Actor

• Favorite TV Villain

• Best Single Moment

• The Coherence Award - Best Little-Seen TV Series

• Top 5 TV Shows of 2019


• Best Line

• Best Villain

• Best Use of a Worn Out Cliche or Plot

• Best Physical Effect or Stunt

• Best Use of CGI

• Best Supporting Character

• Best Badass

• Favorite Actor

• The Coherence Award – Best Little Seen Film

• Best Specific Moment

• Top 10 Movies of 2019

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