As we head into another holiday season, take a listen as we share some of our more popular topics of the last few months in this compilation for The Best of The Hollywood Outsider 2016: Volume 3

For this edition, we discuss if a movie can actually alter your life, what really scares us in movies and TV, actors and our obsession with them, and remakes of films we desperately need. It’s a great compilation and hope you enjoy it!

Join in on our conversation and listen to the latest episode of The Hollywood Outsider.

Discussed on this episode of The Hollywood Outsider Movie and TV Podcast:

  • (0:00 – 36:10) Can a movie change your life? – Episode 244
  • (36:11 – 1:05:00) Scariest movie and TV moments – Episode 249
  • (1:05:01 – 1:33:24) What actors mean to us – Episode 246
  • (1:33:25 – 2:23:48) Movie remakes we deserve – Episode 251
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