What makes a great TV villain? Many believe it is the depths of evil one can go, while others believe it is how shrewdly a character can maneuver within the fabric of society, bending a weaker man’s will to their own.

On this week’s show, we debate who is the greatest villain on television over the last ten years, and many of our selections might just surprise you. Could Joffrey rule them all? Is Boyd Crowder just sly enough to eek out a victory? Ben Linus seems like a sure winner. But can you ever truly count out Rowan Pope? Find out on this week’s podcast, as we arrive at one ultimate winner for the Modern TV Villain Battle Royale!

Also on this week’s podcast: Tomb Raider finally showcases a trailer, Linda Hamilton returns to Terminator, release dates for John Wick and IT sequels, review of Friend Request, upcoming releases including American Made, Flatliners, and Till Death Do Us Part, recommendations, and much more.

After our normal show, we head back to Matthew Vaughn’s hyper-stylized take on spy flicks with Kingsman: The Golden Circle. Does the sequel cash in on the potential from the first film? Was Julianne Moore the right choice for Poppy? Is Eggsy evolving or is Harry weighing him down? We have different opinions on this one, so don’t miss the discussion.

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Discussed on this episode of The Hollywood Outsider Movie and TV Podcast:


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