What are those jobs in film-making that don't receive enough attention?

We know who the directors, actors, and even recognize the composers sometimes. However, we want to pay special attention to the people that make a film successful and remain an underappreciated job. These 7 jobs are not ones we pulled out of a hat, we actually reached out to three very successful individuals in the entertainment industry - the ones who are invested in the business and understand the work required to pull off that movie and TV magic we love so much.

Also on this week's episode: Movie and TV news, finding HOpe in movies and TV, spoiler-free reviews of Random Acts of Violence, Project Power, The Blech Effect, and Tesla, upcoming releases, and our HO Teachable Minute.

Discussed on this episode

  • (0:00 – 26:50) Movie and TV News | Finding HOpe in Movies and TV
  • (26:51 – 53:03) Reviews: Random Acts of Violence, Project Power, The Blech Effect, and Tesla | Upcoming Releases
  • (53:04 – 1:20:13) From The Outside In: Underappreciated Jobs in Entertainment
  • (1:20:14 – 1:28:57) Recommendations | HO Teachable Minute | Closing
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