On this episode of The Hollywood Outsider podcast, before we review Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire, we first have to do a bit of catching up. The past two weeks have been heavy on films, with our Oscars recap and deep dive into the SXSW Film & TV Festival, so it's time to get back to fluff. Therefore we discuss random topics such as where have all the movie songs gone, why are film credits so long, concerning streaming trends, which character would you be in The Breakfast Club, who would win between Cobra Kai and Sho Nuff, and a whole lot more. 

Then it is time to turn to our spoiler-free reviews. First of Liam Neeson's best film in years, In the Land of Saints and Sinners. Then it is time to fire up our proton packs and hit the streets of New York to debate the latest Ghostbusters film, Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire. If you need a fun podcast on movies or TV, who ya gonna call? 

Discussed on this episode

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