The year is ending with a bang, as Aquaman, Mary Poppins Returns, and Bumblebee all hit theaters for the holiday season. One, an enormously charismatic hero with the ability to communicate on a deeper level with every living being while simultaneously saving lives. The other two, Aquaman and Bumblebee. On this special episode, we explore each of these three behemoths and their respective plots and details.

First up, we trip a light fantastic as we sashay into Mary Poppins Returns! Emily Blunt picks up the umbrella and returns to theaters just in time to put that stoic narcissism and delightful penchant for a song to the test and save the Banks family from certain ruin. Joined by Hamilton star Lin-Manuel Miranda, Blunt grasps ahold of Mary Poppins and makes it her own, but does it live up to the original? Poppins, music, insanity, and family - we explore a world of imagination as Aaron and Amanda discuss Mary Poppins Returns.

Next, Bumblebee. Set in 1987, Hailee Steinfeld stars as Charlie, a young girl who has recently lost her father and her inner light. She’s a mechanic like her dad, and she’s desperate to repair her father's car when frustration leads her to an old bug. Which happens to be Bumblebee after his unfortunate voice incident. The two become fast friends before having to fend off both an irrational government, and a pair of rowdy Decepticons dead-set on information Bumblebee has on Optimus Prime.

Lastly, we dive into DC's latest hero, Aquaman. Born a son to an underwater Queen (Nicole Kidman) and a human, Arthur Curry learns he is destined to rule the underwater kingdom of Atlantis. Along the way, he must challenge his brother Orm, and fend off the villainous Manta. For this section, Aaron is joined by John Davenport and Brian Williams to debate Arthur Curry's journey towards his rightful place as King, Jason Momoa's entry into the DC Universe, Amber Heard's hair, Patrick Wilson's flair, and James Wan's direction.

Discussed on this episode

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As we take the week off, here are four of our most popular topics on our final Best of 2018 compilation: Behind-the-Scenes Hollywood Stories, Pixar Movie Battle Royale, Is Television Getting TOO Serialized, and Let's Puppet Up A Movie. As well as a short collection of outtakes from our January special on former host, Justin Macumber.

First up, from Episode 317: Hollywood has been inundated with scandal and sadness for the last long while, therefore on this segment, we’re bringing forth the joy! We are going to share some of our favorite stories we’ve found revolving around Hollywood. Possibly a celebrity doing something for a child, a fascinating story behind a production, or a celebrity’s personal triumph. This is about sharing some favorite Hollywood behind-the-scenes stories!

Next, we head to Episode 323: When 24 hit the air many years ago, it was an eye-opener in terms of what television could do. For 24 consecutive episodes, this series told one single day’s worth of story. Each episode leading directly into the next, leaving little chance to jump into the show mid-season and have any idea what was going on. Flash forward to 2018, and it seems like EVERY show is doing this. Unless you’re a slave to CBS, television is dominated by the season-long arc. Some even take it a step further – like Breaking Bad or Walking Dead – and make the entire series one singular story. Has it gotten to be too much, though? Have we finally arrived at the breaking point? Is television getting TOO serialized?

Next, we head to Episode 315: In 1995, Pixar released their first feature-length film, the computer animated classic Toy Story. Soon after, A Bug’s Life and Toy Story 2 released in quick succession, with titles continuing to drop annually. The studio revolutionized animation for the modern generation, and in 2006 was purchased by the previous dominator in this arena: Disney. Over the past 20-plus years, Pixar has racked up billions in box office receipts, and even more in memories for movie fans. On this segment, our four hosts pick our two favorite Pixar classics, and break down what is the greatest Pixar film in history!

Finally, we come to Episode 324: What is the deal with puppets? Are we running out of human actors? Then why do we enjoy puppets so much? On this segment, we discuss the world of puppets, if we prefer the humorous or horrific brand, and most importantly: what movies would instantly improve with the addition of puppets?

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Discussed on this episode of The Hollywood Outsider Movie and TV Podcast:

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On this episode of The Hollywood Outsider, we discuss how we find new television shows in a climate where there are 500+ scripted shows across all mediums. Also, Netflix and Disney's pissing contest, the UK is taking up for scarred villains, we recast Die Hard with modern actors, and then wrap up the show by saying goodbye to 2018 with our last regular episode of the season. 

Discussed on this episode

  • (0:00 – 28:26)Opening | The UK takes on facially scarred villains, Netflix and Disney come to a head, and more
  • (28:27 – 43:44) Recasting the Classics – Die Hard | Upcoming Releases
  • (43:45 – 1:15:15) From The Outside In Topic: How Do You Find New TV Shows In 2018
  • (1:15:16 – 1:44:45) Saying Goodbye to 2018
  • (1:44:36 – 1:49:54) Closing | Outtakes
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Every year, we love to celebrate the holiday season with our listeners, and there is no better way to do that then with our 5th Annual Holiday Special!

It all started with a random idea, as Aaron and Scott were big fans of holiday specials, yet podcasts seemed to skip over the idea completely. Therefore, we decided we can do whatever we want here at The Hollywood Outsider, so let’s create our own tradition and the Annual Holiday Special was born!

Every year we do a little something different, so this year we are discussing Christmas movie clichés. Not in a negative way though, we are talking about clichés we love to see in our favorite holiday films.

That’s not all, oh no. We also throw out recent additions to our holiday movie rotations and debate how difficult it is to make a holiday special or movie in today's climate.  The Christmas spirit kicks into overdrive as we open up and share our personal memories of the holiday season, stories that remind us of Christmas. And no holiday special would be complete without a visit from the big man himself, so get ready as Santa Claus drops by the studio to read a few HO listener letters!

With a special game from Amanda, a little whimsy from Aaron, Scott’s annual Christmas Poem, and a lot of fun for everyone – This is the one podcast you don’t want to miss this holiday season!

Discussed on this episode

  • (0:00 – 49:49)Opening | How difficult is it to make a holiday movie
  • (49:50 – 1:11:40) What’s This Movie | Holiday Recommendations | Amanda’s HO Game
  • (1:11:41 – 1:23:29) From The Outside In Topic: Christmas Movie Clichés
  • (1:23:30 – 1:49:07) Scott’s Annual Christmas Poem | Closing
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