Welcome to the extended ‘Director’s Cut’ pilot episode of The Hollywood Outsider Podcast.   In this spin-off of  http://officialthread.podbean.com/,  hosts Aaron & Scott join forces with guests Brian Williams and Justin Macumber to dive into the Summer Blockbusters hitting your local theaters.  With topics ranging from what will the next great film series be… all the way to where do comic book flicks go from here… to  R-Rated comedies triumphant return… to what films are coming up on the horizon…and everything in between - we spend this extended edition of the podcast touching on as many of this summers films thus far as we can muster. We also run down the remaining films of the summer and give you an idea of what to expect.  Podcasters: Aaron Peterson, Scott L. Clark, Justin Macumber and Brian Williams  Intro/Outro music provided by: The Buddha Nuggs Musical Break (1:15:44): By popular request - The Buddha Nuggs ‘Ca [...]

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