What Constitutes a Classic Film and What Do We Miss About Them?

Any movie buff worth their salt is familiar with the term 'classic film', yet that term carries a completely different meaning for each and every fan. Does classic mean from the '60s or before? Do movies from the '80s and '90s qualify as classics?

On this week's From The Outside In topic, we discuss the concept of classic films and what defines them for us. We also debate what we miss about these films, and especially what we don't. Inspired by Once Upon A Time In Hollywood's time capsule approach to storytelling, we decided there is no better time to jump down this rabbit hole.

Speaking of Hollywood, after our normal show we open up Quentin Tarantino's latest film and debate if the choices Tarantino made here were warranted. Much has been written on this latest film, about the performances of Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, and Margot Robbie, as well as Tarantino's penchant for revisionist history, and as fans of the film we felt it deserved proper attention. So be sure to stick around for our Once Upon A Time In Hollywood spoiler discussion.

Also this week: a news roundup, how much we should pay for streaming channels, our spoiler-free review of Amazon Prime's The Boys, and much more. Come back next week for our next topic, Buddy Action Duos, and our review of Hobbs and Shaw!

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Heather, Josh, and Mike are wannabe documentarians who head to Maryland on a mission to decipher the legend of The Blair Witch. The three went into the woods for a 2 day hike to find this local urban legend, and one year after they disappeared, their footage was found. This movie was that footage.

As we release this, it is the 20th anniversary of The Blair Witch Project. If you find a list of the greatest horror films, you’ll find this now classic on that list. $250 million made worldwide, popularizing an entire genre and inspiring countless filmmakers across the globe, and even earned a Guiness world record for top budget to box office ratio – Blair Witch has earned the title of classic. And for the film’s 20th anniversary, we wanted to sit down and discuss the film and its legacy with one of the filmmakers directly responsible for it, Eduardo Sánchez.

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The 50th anniversary of San Diego Comic-Con 2019 has officially come to a close!

With the greatest event in popular geek culture finishing it's 2019 run, it's time for us to dive into the biggest news, panels, and trailers released at this year’s convention. Spotlighted on this special episode are details from Comic-Con 2019 on HBO's Watchmen, Westworld, and His Dark Materials, Star Trek's Picard, Snowpiercer as a TV series, Netflix's The Witcher, Walking Dead's move to theaters, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Top Gun 2, and so much more. If you're a fan of entertainment, THIS is the podcast for you!

Don't forget to listen to recent episodes like our Drive-In Theater discussion or our recent spoilercast on 2019's The Lion King. Come back next week for an interview with Blair Witch director, Eduardo Sanchez, and our thoughts on Quentin Tarantino's Once Upon A Time In Hollywood!

You can find all trailers discussed on this episode here, and the interviews Kyle Nolan referenced at NoReruns.net

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  • (0:00 – 48:59) Opening | Amanda's Panel: Watchmen, Game of Thrones panel, Marvel Phase 4
  • (49:00 – 1:10:54) Kyle Nolan - Man on the Street Report - NoReruns.net
  • (1:10:55 – 1:31:07) John's Panel: Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Star Trek: Picard, Battle of the Planets and Grimjack, Dark Crystal, His Dark Materials
  • (1:31:08 – 1:53:26) Aaron's Panel: Snowpiercer, The Orville, The Witcher, Terminator with Top Gun: Maverick trailer, Westworld Season 3, Walking Dead: The Movie  | Closing
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On this special episode, Aaron and Amanda sit down to discuss the ups and downs of Jon Favreau's attempt to reimagine The Lion King for 2019's audiences. From the animation to the voices to the singing that combines it all - take a listen to our latest spoilercast!

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Do you love drive-in movie theaters?

If you're a movie buff who has been on this planet for any length of time, then you know what a drive-in movie means. Cars full of family and friends, loaded up with chairs, drinks, and snacks, all parking in the middle of a gigantic lot in order to indulge in a double-feature of cinematic goodness under the stars. Many of us have been going to drive-in movies since we were children, and passing that experience down to our children. But in this day and age of hustle, does the average moviegoer have a desire to even watch films this way?

On this week's From The Outside In topic, we discuss drive-in theaters and whether or not there is still a place for them in today's environment of bombastic entertainment that demands a crisp screen and state-of-the-art sound system, as well as our favorite memories of drive-ins of the past.

Also this week: a news roundup, thoughts on characters randomly breaking into song, our spoiler-free reviews of Veronica Mars' Hulu revival, Crawl, Point Blank, and much more. Come back next week for our 2019 Comic-Con Wrap-Up!

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What are the most quotable movies in history?

If you're a fan of entertainment, then odds are you randomly drop movie or TV quotes as breadcrumbs to identify your fellow die-hards. The devoted amongst us love to utilize the work of far better writers than ourselves to broaden conversations on a daily basis, occasionally even making new friends in the process. "I'll be back", "Ouch", "You can't handle the truth!" - these are just a few of the quotes people use all the time, often without even realizing they're doing it.

On this week's From The Outside In topic, we discuss why it is we do this practice of using established pop-culture language to handle the conversing for us, as well as what our favorite movie quotes are, as well as the movies we most often find ourselves referencing seemingly every day of our lives.

Also this week: a news roundup, Netflix wages war on smoking after the internet protests, our spoiler-free reviews of Stranger Things Season 3, Spider-Man: Far From Home, Midsommar, and much more.

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