On this episode of The Hollywood Outsider podcast, it's time to discuss the future of movies and television. So much has changed over the past few years, from how we consume content to what kind of content we consume. But what does that mean for the future of film and TV, where do we go from here? Holograms? 4DX screenings? More streaming channels, less cable? It's a lengthy discussion on a myriad of ideas in entertainment. What do YOU think is the future?

Also this week: our spoiler-free review of HBO Max's The Fallout, movie and TV news including fans suing for misleading trailers, Paramount moving Mission Impossible 7 and citing the pandemic, A Christmas Story gets a sequel, plus our latest game: Guess The Review. All this and more on this week's all-new episode of The Hollywood Outsider podcast.

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What Films and TV Shows Are You Most Looking Forward to in 2022?

On this episode of The Hollywood Outsider podcast, we're breaking down everything that's getting us excited in both film and television with our 2022 Movie and TV Release Extravaganza!  The past couple of years have abused our hearts with postponements galore, but now we actually have difficulty narrowing down our list. We talk about all the NEW content in film and television with the premiere date, network, and a brief synopsis, AND our favorites returning. Strap on your boots, we're taking a walk into the future!

Also on this episode: spoiler-free reviews of Scream and Ozark season 4: part 1!

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On this episode of The Hollywood Outsider, we are breaking down our award winners for both film and television. If you haven’t listened to our HO Awards before, we do ours a bit different, for example our "actor" category covers all genders, we do not separate it. For TV, cable and streaming all count, it just has to have had a new season in 2021. For movies, VOD and streaming all count.

If you want to follow along, the categories are below, so let us know what your picks are on social media. Each of us will award our winners in each category, and at the end, we’ll combine ours with listener picks to determine what was the HO TV series and movie of 2021! Before we go, we will each leave you with our 2021 HO Teachable Minute.

* Be wary of potential mild spoilers for 2021 films and TV series

Discussed on this episode

  • (0:00 – 25:51) Opening | Best TV or Film Experience | Personal News Item
  • (25:52 – 1:16:14) Television Awards
  • (1:16:15 – 2:03:13) Film Awards
  • (2:03:14 – 2:11:08) Listener Top 10 | HO TV Series, and Movie of the Year | 2021 Teachable Minute
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TV Award Categories

  • Best Special Effects and/or Stunts on TV
  • Best Villain or Badass
  • Best Supporting Actor
  • Best Actor
  • Best Specific Moment on TV
  • The Coherence Award: Little-seen or discussed TV series that just completely won you over and you hope more people find it in the new year. Named after the late Justin Macumber.
  • Most Disappointing TV Series
  • Best TV Flashback
  • The Top 10

Movie Award Categories

  • Best Use of a Worn-Out Movie Cliché or Plot
  • Best Physical Effects or Stunts
  • Best Use of CGI in Film
  • Best Villain or Badass
  • Best Supporting Actor
  • Best Actor
  • Best Specific Moment in Film
  • The Coherence Award: Little-seen or discussed film that just completely won you over and you hope more people find it in the new year. Named after the late Justin Macumber.
  • Most Disappointing Film
  • Best Movie Flashback
  • The Top 10
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Cobra Kai is back at the dojo kicking off season 4 following the union at the end of the last season. Immediately, Daniel and Johnny struggle with molding their distinct fighting styles with each other, causing a ripple effect that runs through the season. John Kreese rebuilds Cobra Kai in his own image, bringing in his old war buddy, Terry Silver, to help mentor the students.

Elsewhere, Danny's kids, Sam and Anthony, are dangerously teetering on becoming bullies themselves, Robby utilizes all of his teachings to help Cobra Kai as well as mentor Kenny Payne, Hawk embarks on a path of redemption, and much more.

Consequences abound again this season, and loyalties are tested throughout the season with both the younger and older characters of the show. This is our detailed and thorough examination of all the happenings of Netflix's Cobra Kai Season 4, good and bad.

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Introducing The Hollywood Outsider Presents: Bad Movie Night, where hosts past and present from The Hollywood Outsider podcast unite monthly to discuss a film that critics or audiences have deemed a "bad" movie to give them another look. There's no such thing as a bad movie, just movies that aren't good enough for you!

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