On this episode of The Hollywood Outsider podcast, we take a look at the world of movie and TV heroes. But instead of daring acts of valor, we discuss those heroes who truly aren't very heroic. We're not talking anti-heroes either. Maybe these alleged good guys didn't actually save anyone, or maybe they caused more damage than the villain, or maybe they were constantly bailed out by their friends at Hogwarts. Luke Skywalker, Frodo, Glenda the Good Witch, Rose, and the names keep coming. Whatever the case, we taking a sharp look at whether many of these protagonists deserve the title of "hero".

Also on this episode, we are discussing why we need so many thumbs for Netflix, how far deepfake technology has come, reviews of DUAL, All the Old Knives and Ambulance, and much more.

Discussed on this episode

    • (0:00 – 25:19) Netflix Updates Ratings | The Death of Network TV | Deepfake Technology Expands
    • (25:20 – 42:43) Reviews: Dual, Ambulance, All the Old Knives | Recommendations
    • (42:44 - 1:21:35) From the Outside In: Movie and TV Heroes Who Aren't Heroic
    • (1:21:36 – 1:36:00) Do We Prefer Short Ass Movies? | Closing | Outtakes
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