What is the scariest movie in history?

Every Halloween, fans around the world debate the scariest moments and characters in entertainment. Those scenes that leave fans terrified of a finger-knifed murderer haunting their dreams or a masked boogeyman terrorizing their neighborhood. We each have our own life experiences which feed our fears, but what singular movie is truly the greatest of them all?

On this week's episode of The Hollywood Outsider, we return to one of our favorite segments as we decide, once-and-for-all, what the is the BEST! Could it be The Exorcist, or possibly Poltergeist? Could A Nightmare on Elm Street out-slash The Blair Witch Project? Is Paranormal Activity more ghastly (and ghostly) than The Ring? Do exploding stomachs out-scare the horrific haunting that takes place in The Conjuring? Find out the winner with our Scariest Movie Battle Royale!

Also this week: a news roundup, reviews of Gemini Man and El Camino, and much more.

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