How Do You Feel About "Inspired By" In Film?

On this episode, we're discussing where we stand on "inspired by". Coming out this past week was Wendy, a film about a group of kids lost on an island that is “inspired by Peter Pan”. Once Upon A Time In Hollywood and 1917 were inspired by true events, namely the Manson Murders and World War 1. Just Mercy was a film that recently was inspired by very true events.  So many films use this as a way to sell their movies, even when they play fast and loose with the original details they claim inspired them. We have numerous serious films that are “inspired by” works of fiction, as well as real life people and cases, but veer pretty far from the source material. So where do we stand on this: Necessary marketing tactic, or cheap gimmick to garner legitimacy, or something else? 

Also this week: spoiler-free reviews of The Invisible Man, Guns Akimbo, and All the Bright Places, a fun game called How Do You Survive?, upcoming releases, The HO Teachable Minute, and our coverage of the Beloit International Film Festival.

Discussed on this episode

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