On this special episode of The Hollywood Outsider podcast, we discuss animals in entertainment with none other than PETA, the organization formally known as People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

A while back we did a segment on a horse that passed away on the set of Amazon Prime’s The Rings of Power, reportedly due to cardiac arrest. We made our comments, and riffed on PETA’s condemnation of the death. Well PETA heard this segment and reached out to us with an offer: let’s have an honest discussion about animals in entertainment with PETA on your podcast. So, Aaron and John sat down with Courtney Penley, PETA's Coordinator of Animals in TV and Film to discuss what it is that PETA wants Hollywood to do and what that means for the entertainment industry as a whole, as well as PETA's activism as a whole.

So you might walk into this interview with preconceived notions, maybe you support PETA or perhaps you struggle with how they convey their message. We would only ask that you approach this conversation as a whole with an open mind on all sides of these issue, and then listen as all of our hosts join up on the other side of this to discuss our thoughts on the interview as a whole.

Discussed on this episode:

    • (0:00 – 47:09) The PETA Interview with PETA Film & TV Production Coordinator, Courtney Penley
    • (47:10 – 1:41:54) Discussion on PETA, the Interview, and Animals in Entertainment
    • Contact PETA to report any questionable animal issues at 323-210-2233
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