What have been your favorite ambiguous endings?

Not every story has a concrete ending and not every writer tells their stories that way. These writers enjoy the continuous debate over what truly happened. Inception is just one example, fairly recent in the scheme of things, that created a ton of water-cooler controversy on whether the token was spinning at the very end... or did it drop? We'll be discussing how we feel about these ambiguous endings, with examples of some of our favorites and how we think they ended.

Also on this week's episode: we want to take time to honor the passing of Chadwick Boseman and why this loss has felt so detrimental, new releases, reviews of Nolan's latest film Tenet (stick around for our spoilercast after the regular episode!), The New Mutants, and Bill and Ted Face the Music, Disney's Mulan at a reduced price of FREE in December, and a new take on our HO Teachable Minute.

Discussed on this episode

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