As we take the week off, here are three of our most popular topics from earlier this year, as well as our review of The First Purge AND major Top Gun 2 news. Also, visit and vote for The HO in People's Choice and TV/Film!

First up, from Episode 301, it's the most emotional relationships on television. We discuss some of those relationships in TV that either broke or healed our aching hearts. Perhaps they filled our cups with joy, or maybe their angst flowed over into our own realities. It’s an intriguing conversation and there is no better time to discuss it.

Next, we head to Episode 299 where we debated the best way to defeat an iconic movie hero! The villains rarely win, which means heroes are far more difficult to bring down. Therefore, on this episode we put ourselves firmly in the shoes of supervillains and megalomaniacs everywhere and determine exactly how we would bring down iconic movie heroes such as Iron Man, Batman, Harry Potter, James Bond, and even Luke Skywalker!

Finally, we come to Episode 306 and when it's time for the hero to walk away. Think about it, does it make a hero less heroic if they reach a point where it’s just too much for them? Were there moments in a movie or TV show where a hero going forward seemed to be the absolutely wrong choice? Our topic this episode revolves around this very concept of when is it OK for a hero to walk away?

Discussed on this episode of The Hollywood Outsider Movie and TV Podcast:

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