Dark River stars Ruth Wilson as Alice, a woman who departed her family ranch in North Yorkshire many years ago. After earning a living as a contracted sheep-shearer, Alice returns home 15 years later upon hearing of the death of her father, Richard (Sean Bean). Her intention is not to mourn, but to claim the family land from her brother Joe (Mark Stanley). Refuting her assertion on the grounds that she abandoned her rights by leaving, Joe and Alice begin a tale of siblings separated by trauma and abuse, while delving into the psychological scars that are left, for everyone involved.

Following her acclaimed project, The Sheltered Giant, director Clio Barnard stops by to discuss her latest. Dark River is a dour tale of a family plagued by the sins of their father, containing stellar performances from leads Ruth Wilson and Mark Stanley, which are enhanced by Barnard’s atmospheric direction. Each landscape and background emerges as a deeper character in this sorrowful immersion into familial bonds and tragedy.

For our exclusive interview, Clio Barnard discusses how Dark River came to be, assembling her top-notch cast of actors, and how her canvas is as much of a character as Alice is.  This is one film and interview you won’t want to miss!

Dark River releases to theaters June 29, 2018.

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