This week we’re reviewing Twilight: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 and we’ve brought a Twilight fan aboard for fair representation, we take a quick look at the upcoming December 2nd releases (Shame, Sleeping Beauty), as well as what’s catching our eye on television this week.

We also look at the most recent film & TV news (what’s new for The Rock, Scorsese and Chris Evans; A Munsters reboot; is Hugh Grant calling for an uprising?; we look at the newest trailers for Gone, Rampart and The Hunger Games; and more). Scott does his best to ‘Stump the HO’ before we take a quick trailer break. After the break, we discuss this week’s DVD / Blu Ray Releases, and guest host Amber gives us her Flashback DVD of the Week. As always, be sure to stick through the closing song for our own version of outtakes. A very fun episode in spite of a slow news / release week. Subscribe via itunes, Google Reader or standard RSS feed; give us a Thumbs UP! on your Stitcher Radio

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