Welcome to our 2nd Edition of After Hours, our bonus podcast where we discuss geekiness in general. This time, Justin and Aaron are joined by Horror author and Dead Robots Society podcaster Paul Cooley. We talk about all things Horror and explore the age old question - Why do people like this stuff? We also take a look at Google Glasses and why we all should feel a little creeped out, as well as conventions and why they remain so popular for the hardcore fans. Don’t miss this episode’s Nerd War: Put Dracula, The Wolfman, Frankenstein’s Monster and the Creature From the Black Lagoon in an Octagon…who wins?? No prep. No format. Just HO’s. A very interesting and FUN episode of The Hollywood Outsider!

We’ll be back every Thursday with our normal episode of The Hollywood Outsider, and if you would like to hear more of Ho’s After Hours or have a suggested topic for our next episode, leave us a message or text to 818-81-IMAHO (818-814-6246) or email us at feedback@thehollywoodoutsider.com

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