Director Aram Rappaport sits down with Aaron to discuss his new film, The Crash, starring Frank Grillo and Minnie Driver. From concept to execution, this is intriguing interview with an up-and-coming director. 

The Crash, now on Video On Demand, stars Frank Grillo as Guy Clifton, a very intelligent man who manipulated the US financial system for his own gain, only to get busted and is now facing serious jail time. When the US government realizes there is an impending breach by cyber-terrorists that could crash the system, they agree to bring in Guy and his team of hackers and programmers to thwart the attack before it ruins America. The film also stars Minnie Driver as his business savvy wife, dealing with both her husband’s possible prison sentence as well as her daughter’s serious medical affliction.

The one very distinct difference between The Crash and other thrillers in this genre is that Guy Clifton is no hero, he’s selfish, and has manipulated his way to the top. And the only people he seems to respect are his family, who also end up wearing the burden of his sins.

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